HOPE Farm “Pizza with a Professional”

Delta Mu Boulé Archon Dr. Carl Horton on stage speaking to students at the Hope Farm Leadership Academy “Pizza with a Professional” lecture series.

HOPE Farm Leadership Academy is a long-term leadership development program that guides at-risk boys who are without the benefit of a positive male role model in their homes. HOPE Farm focuses its efforts on boys from the ages of 5 – 7 years old until their high school graduation and frequently beyond.

Delta Mu Boulé Foundation is partnering with Hope Farm to help achieve its leadership goals and expose young boys to Black professionals in the Fort Worth community. Positive role models are deemed essential to the growth and development of young African American boys and Delta Mu Boulé Foundation Archons are working with Hope Farm to facilitate this objective by sharing their professional as well as life experiences.

Many boys rarely, if at all, have the opportunity to interact with a doctor outside of a clinical setting. Dr. Horton provided this opportunity and shared his expertise and experience in the direct care of patients with all varieties of cardiovascular disease.

Hope Farm students responded very well and look forward to the next lecture series opportunity to share “Pizza with a Professional”.